The Giver Movie Trailer #2 Reaction.

So there’s a second trailer for The Giver movie and…


Where do I begin? Oh, right:

1. We finally see the movie in black and white. At least teh director got that right.

2. Jonas know what books are in the book. Apparently this world takes place in the same world as Fahrenheit 451.

3, Once again we see the injections that are supposed to be pills. These injections look more like mind control than emotion control. Also, why are they administered via what looks like a hand sanitizer station? Not to mention in the book Jonas is told to stop taking the pills, but here he’s still expected to take the injections.  Also:

4. How the hell is that machine unable to tell the difference between a human hand and an apple?

5. We all know that The Giver is basically the Hunger Games in black and white, right? Oh wait, NO IT ISN’T!

6. What’s up with the super scifi spacecrafts? In the book they fly F16s. Oh right, this is the future and we have to show it! YAY!

7. SHUT UP MERYL STREEP! The elders DO NOT KNOW THAT THIS IS A TOTALITARIAN SOCIETY! EVERYONE in this society think this is normal. The only reason Jonas leaves is because of Gabe and he wants to live in a world where there’s color, holidays, ETC.

It’s looking more and more like my video review of this movie will be something epic with lots of swearing and things breaking. Stay tuned.


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