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Sumo (Comic) Review

I’ve always said that I’m a man of many interests. One of them is sumo. Yes, an Italian born and raised in Brooklyn likes sumo. Don’t judge. I also like comics. Naturally, my eyes lit up when I saw a graphic novel called Sumo by Thien Pham sitting on the shelves of my library. I can safely say that this graphic novel did not disappoint. Scott’s football career did not […]

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Uzumaki (Manga) Review

Have you ever read anything that haunted you for a long while? Like, it stayed with you so long that it depressed you to the point of needing a Xanax? Uzumaki by Junji Ito is one of those things that made me feel that way. Kurozu Cho is a normal Japanese town where nothing extraordinary happens. One day one of the local develops an obsession with spirals. Soon after, the […]

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Another (manga) Review

It’s pretty inevitable that if you write a young adult novel in Japan it will be made into a manga and then an anime. Thus is the case with Yukito Ayatsuji’s Another. Hell, there’s even a live action movie version of it. This time we’ll be looking at the manga since I already touched upon the novel here. As with any adaptation the adapter needs to know what to keep […]

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Let’s Talk About V for Vendetta

My fellow Americans, Today we have voted in a very democratic election that would greatly alter this country’s future. Now, look at the date. Today’s the 4th and tomorrow’s the fifth, right? You know what means, right? No? Well, let me remind you: “Remember remember the fifth of November Gunpowder, treason and plot. I see no reason why gunpowder, treason Should ever be forgot” That’s right, Guy Fawkes Day is […]

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Let’s Talk About Manga

Ah, manga. Or Japanese comics or whatever you want to call them. Love them or hate them, they have taken the West by storm in the late nineties and there seems like there’s no stopping them. This just begs one question: Why do so many people love manga? Most people will dismiss manga as just some fad Japanophiles (or “weeaboos” as some people call them) love because it’s Japanese. Let’s […]

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Cirque du Freak Manga

As with  many things that gain some type of popularity, Cirque du Freak has had a comic based off of it. More specifically, a manga by  Takahiro Arai.  After spending some time with it, I can safely say Arai has done a decent job with it. As with making anything into a comic, there’ the whole “does this character look like how I imagined him/her to be?” The thing is […]

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