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Kamen Rider Kiva Review

What, I like tokusatsu too? Yup. For those wondering “what the hell’s tokusatsu?” Basically, think the original Japanese version of Power Rangers but apply that idea to any hero who transforms in order to defeat an enemy. Kamen Rider is one of them (unlike Super Sentai/Power Rangers, it’s just one hero who meets other heroes who don’t really like each other and even evil riders.

That’s enough of that, on with the review.

Kamen Rider Kiva takes place between two different years: 1986 and 2008. In 1986 Otoya Kurenai is a hopeless romantic who falls for Yuri Aso, a Fangire (that’s what the monsters in this show are called. Basically, super fancy vampires) hunter. In 2008, Kurenai’s son, Wataru, is Kamen Rider Kiva who not only continues the fight against Fangires, but is also trying to find out how to duplicate his dad’s violin which he inherited.

So, how does this show deal with the multiple years’ story? By constantly going back and forth between the two in what seems like every two minutes. This gets old fast. Also, they spend way too much time in 1986 which makes the 1986 side is a LOT more entertaining and better written. It’s fun to watch Otoya blunder his way into getting into Aso’s pants and failing. There’s also a love triangle between them and Jiro, a Wolfen (werewolf.) It may be caliche thing, but somehow everything from Otoya’s hopeless romantic ways, Aso being a badass and Jiro trying to get Otoya away from Aso just works, with some fighting in between of course.

The 2008 side is pretty boring. Wataru just comes off as a vampire version of Kamen Rider Den-O but not as endearing. The other characters I can’t be bothered to remember because they have almost no impact on me due to them not being well written.

Of course, for those wondering how’s the action and SFX in this show. I enjoyed them for the most part. The Kiva suit looks awesome and the Fangire designs are nice and colorful. Kiva’s version of the Rider Kick when the scene changes to nighttime with full moon scene looks amazing, especially with the jingle that plays when he does it. The fight scenes are entertaining but it just seems like the 1986 crowd weakens the Fangire and then Kiva kills them in 2008. I get why they did it like that, but it would’ve been better for Kiva to not fight his dad’s sloppy seconds.

While Kamen Rider Kiva has an entertaining 1986 story and some visually stunning imagery, the overemphasis on the 1986 side makes the 2008 side weak and the main rider coming off as just Den-O deciding to become a vampire one day.

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Let’s Talk About It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

Welcome to October, where all things scary come out including stores selling Christmas decorations way too early. One Halloween themed thing that’s not scary is the classic It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. yet it’s been airing every year in October since 1966. Why is that?

For the few who haven’t heard of this movie, the Peanuts gang are planning a Halloween party. Meanwhile, Linus is preparing to greet the Great Pumpkin who supposedly appears on Halloween night from a pumpkin patch and gives toys to all the good boys and girls. Yes, that’s a Halloween version of Santa.

Again, there’s nothing scary about this movie at all except it’s about Halloween so why do we love it so much. Well, let’s look at what it’s about. It’s a bunch of kids being kids on Halloween. That right there connects perfectly to every single kid. They’re going through that in October and us adults have done that too. Hell, us adults plan Halloween parties that feature costumes, booze and Cards Against Humanity. Yes, it’s a simple story but for something like this, there’s nothing that has to be complicated.

There’s also the Great Pumpkin. Where did this character come from? Simple: little kids come up with characters all the time. All the Great Pumpkin is is Linus combining Christmas with Halloween and coming up with a new mascot so to speak. That right there is brilliant because it adds a new layer to Linus’s character and it shows that he’s a kid. Ask a kid to come up with a new Halloween mascot and you’ll be surprised as to how creative they can be.

While it does take place in the 1960s, this kind of situation can happen in any decade because while kids’ tastes change, Haloween and what to do on Halloween is that one constant that hasn’t changed except for the costumes and candy.

So, while Halloween is about everything scary, there’s one Halloween thing that echos closer t reality and how kids really are during this time. That’s why it’s lasted so long and why even adults love it. It’s basically what Halloween is all about and that, my friends, is why It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown is such an endearing classic.

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