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War and Peace Review

Ah, War and Peace. That one 19th Century Russian novel that the makers of Happy New Year, Charlie Brown! want you to believe that an elementary school-age child can finish during winter break. It is also considered one of the best novels, if not the best, novel ever written. I started reading War and peace sometime in 2005 or 2006 and did not complete it until December 2021. Why so […]

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The Girl in the Locked Room Review

Wow, I haven’t written a review of anything horror in almost two years. Time to fix that with the YA novel The Girl in the Locked Room by Mary Downing Hahn. Jules (girl. Yes, I know) moves into an old house in Virginia because her dad renovates old houses. She spots a mysterious girl on the third floor of the house and Jules thinks the girl is trying to call […]

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The Indian in the Cupboard Movie/Book Review

How many of you remember a small movie called The Indian in the Cupboard? I remember loving it as a kid. Recently I was talking about the movie with my sister (don’t remember what sparked it) and she said that my brother-in-law’s cousin was in it as a background character in the school. So I immediately turned the movie on and whenever they were in school I asked my brother […]

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Driving Miss Daisy (play) Review.

One of the biggest movies that came out in 1989 was Driving Miss Daisy. As with many things Hollywood, this was based on something and that something was a 50 page (!) play by Alfred Uhry who also wrote the screenplay. The story is about a 72-year-old Jewish woman named Daisy Werthan who crashed her car into a neighbor’s garage and her insurance company says she can’t drive. So her […]

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The Greatest Gift (The basis for It’s A Wonderful Life) Review

If there’s one movie that airs every year on Christmas it’s It’s a Wonderful Life. For decades this movie has been watched almost religiously by many and those people even consider to be the best Christmas movie ever made. In fact, Jimmy Stewart, the actor who plays George, has said this was his favorite movie he’s ever done. What some people are not aware of is that this movie is […]

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The Poet X Review

One of the worst things about being a girl with a super religious mother is all the crazy rules you have to follow. One of them is absolutely no dating. Poet Elizabeth Acevedo tackles this theme in her debut novel The Poet X which while it has some nice ideas falls flat. Xiomara Batista is a Latina teenager living in Harlem. Her mother’s super religious, all the men around her […]

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Goosebumps: The Haunted Mask Review

My dear readers, I have spoken about Goosebumps extensively in this blog and even reviewed the first movie. What I haven’t done, however, is to review any of the actual books. That changes now with this review of what many consider to be one of the better if not one of the best Goosebumps book out there: The Haunted Mask. Carly Beth is afraid of everything. This is so bad […]

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Let’s Talk About The Necronomicon

The book title Necronomicon not only conjures up visions of someone reading from a book of spells written in a foreign language used to summon demons, but it also conjured the many, many movies, books, TV shows, video games and comics that have some form of this book. In fact, this book has some crazy backstory to it. This book is believed to have been written in Damascas by the […]

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Three Skeleton Key Review

I’m one of those weird people who has a few favorite stories/novels that they first read in school and loved. While I’ve gone on and on about The Giver and its sequels, let me introduce to a short story that my fourth-grade class read and I still read it to this day: Three Skeleton Key by George G. Toudouze. The story is about three lighthouse workers on an island called […]

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