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Ice Nine Kills: The Silver Scream Album Review

If there’s one thing that’s lacking during Halloween is good Halloween songs. The majority of people only know about the Monster Mash, which gets pretty annoying quickly, and anything that has to do with Disney (Nightmare Before Christmas included.) Of course, the metal and punk bands have horror down. One of the more recent bands to create an entire album based on horror movies is Ice Nine Kills with their […]

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Notre Dame de Paris: A Post Mortem

Oh, Notre Dame de Paris, symbol of Parisian pride, ever since your birth in 1345 you have stood as a mighty symbol of Parisian pride and religious faith. Your children have bathed in your glory through the ages and loved you. Oh, Notre Dame de Paris, you beautiful landmark, one of your sons has used you as the backdrop to weave one of the finest works of fiction featuring a […]

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