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Fragments of Horror Review

That’s right people, I’m touching another manga written by the master of messed up horror manga Junji Ito. This time, it’s his short story collection Fragments of Horror. For those wondering why didn’t I do this for Halloween, I kinda forgot I had this thing and read it after Halloween. I suck, I know. Anyway, this short story collection is as messed up as you’d expect from it. The first […]

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Uzumaki (Manga) Review

Have you ever read anything that haunted you for a long while? Like, it stayed with you so long that it depressed you to the point of needing a Xanax? Uzumaki by Junji Ito is one of those things that made me feel that way. Kurozu Cho is a normal Japanese town where nothing extraordinary happens. One day one of the local develops an obsession with spirals. Soon after, the […]

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