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Out of my Mind Review

Today I realized it’s been two weeks since I posted anything. Had other writing to do. So, here’s my review of Out of my Mind by Sharon M. Draper. Eleven-year-old Melody was born without the ability to speak or move 90% of her body. She also has a photographic memory and is extremely intelligent. However, since she can’t speak or move people think she has low intelligence and needs to […]

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Son Review

So after me taking a ten day (give or take) hiatus I am finally reviewing the conclusion to The Giver. So without further ado, here’s Son. Claire is a birthmother (remember those from The Giver?) who, after “creating to her first product” (giving birth) and having major problems with it, she is resigned as a worker at the hatchery. During this time she does spend some (illegal) time with her […]

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Messenger Review

So, my nephew brought to my attention that Lois Lowry wrote a third sequel to The Giver called Son. I got it from the library on Friday and I’ll write up my opinions on it the second I’m done. For now, here’s book three, Messenger.  Matty has living in Village (that’s what they call it, Village) for the past six years with a blind man named Seer. Matty has two […]

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Gathering Blue Review

How many of you know that Lois Lowry made not just one but TWO sequels for The Giver? The only people who’d really know about these books are Lowry fans. The only reason I heard about them was because one of my college English professors mentioned them when we did The Giver (FYI: the class was called Literature for Young People.) So the next two posts will be about these […]

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