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Let’s Talk About Terry Pratchett’s Later Novels.

As I said in my Eulogy to Sir. Terry Pratchett I am a huge fan of his. To me his best books are the Discworld books with their various characters that are so different, realistic and charming. Not to mention funny in a way normal humans can be funny.

However, I have run into a slight problem in recent years with his books. You see, his last few books have been mediocre at best and the humor is not there. Don’t get the wrong idea, Sir. Terry was a great writer with a ton of imagination and humor. The problem is that imagination seems to have been suppressed in his final year.

It all started with Wintersmith. Tiffany Aching is one the best YA characters to date because she does not fit into any mold. Wintersmith came along and she slowly started going into that mold. The sequel, I Shall Wear Midnight was less inspired than Wintersmith. In fact I don’t remember anything that happened in those books.

Actually, I don’t remember anything that happened in those books, Nation, Dodger, Snuff, The Long Earth and recently Raising Steam. The sad part is I’m currently reading Raising Steam. If you asked me what happened in The Color of Magic I’d tell you. Reaper Man? yup, because that book rocked. Hell, even Pyramids which is one of the weaker Discworld books.

Hell, I can tell you exactly what happened in the Johnny Maxwell Trilogy and the Bromeliad Trilogy.

There may be a few reasons for this. One can be Pratchett fans expected a lot from him seeing how great his older books are. Exactly how hard did you laugh when Rincewind returned to Ankh-Morpork and started running around like a psycho? Hell, he even swallowed a bunch of Dibbler’s sausages and lived. I remember reading that scene in my college library and everyone looked at me weird because I was laughing so hard.

I hate to even bring it up, but another reason could have been his Alzheimer’s. I know Alzheimer’s is nothing to take lightly, but it does interfere with a lot of things. It’s amazing he did manage to write books with that disease. Unfortunately, it may have been a factor in the low quality of his last books. He may have had a lot on his mind and writing may have turned into a chore for him.

Don’t get mad at me, that could have been a possibility and I do respect the man for fighting through Alzheimer’s and pleasing his fans. I understand having Alzheimer’s is a struggle people have to deal with every day. I’m just theorizing that that may have played a part in it.

Now the sad part is that there will no longer be any more Discworld books. There is one more Discworld book called The Shepherd’s Crown, although how far it was before he died is a mystery. Of course, his daughter Rhianna has said she would continue to write Discworld books is a great thing. The problem lies in the fact that she may not be able to bring forth the essence of what Discworld is, though that does remain to be seen.

Sir. Terry Pratchett may have been a great novelist, but his last few books were not up to snuff. Whatever the reason for that shall remain a mystery. For now, I will try to re-read these books and maybe find something of value in them like I did with his older books. I will give my opinions on Rhianna Pratchett’s crack at the Discworld when they come out.

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Eulogy to Sir. Terry Pratchett.

Terrible news, folks. Sir. Terry Pratchett, famed fantasy author of the Discworld books, is dead.

My Eulogy to Sir. Terry.

Sir, Terry Pratchett is nor more. He has ceased to be. He has gone and…you get the idea.

I first heard about Sir. Terry and his Discworld novels in a Science Fiction Book Club catalog back in 2005. It was here that I bought Nanny’s Ogg’s Cookbook. I read it, loved it and wanted more. So I did some research and read the Discworld books in published order. I then read the Johnny Maxwell Trilogy and the Bromeliad Trilogy. I even read his first book The Carpet People, Nation and even the Long Earth.

I have also met with the man three times on his book tours when he did American book tours. Usually novelists come of as, well, assholes when you meet them. Sir. Terry on the other hand came off as that grandpa that would spoil you rotten and tell a million jokes that will leave you in stitches.

You know, I was expecting him to die. When I first heard about his Alzheimer’s it him me hard. Alzheimer’s is one of the worst diseases any writer can get. The more I heard about his condition, the worst it seemed to get. I even saw that one BBC special about assisted suicide hosted by Sir. Terry where he even said he’s consider it if it got worse. Again, this hit me hard. I shouldn’t be surprised since Neil Gaiman wrote and article in The Guardian that said Sr. Terry was “angry.”  If he was angry, he did a great job of hiding it from his fans.

Speaking of how he treated his fans, he came off as someone who respected and even loved his fans. He even joked about his fans in one of his signings saying that they should buy his books instead of teeth that were used to make the Tooth Fairy palace in Hogfather. An angry British man is not how us fans want to remember him. We want to remember remember him as someone who gave the finger to the fantasy genre and create something that went above and beyond anything. We want to remember him as that guy who’ll brighten up our day by having an angry Smurf with a Scottish accent yell “CRIVENS!”

Fellow Pratchett fans, fellow fantasy fans, fellow fantasy writers and fantasy artists. Let us all come together today and remember one of the greatest fantasy writers of our generation. Let us keep this man’s work, his life and everything he has done in our hearts, minds and writing. Let us remember that, yes, the man may be dead, but the space turtle, The Great A’tuin, still flies and will always fly across the universe.

RIP, Sir Terry. You will be missed by all. I raise my nice hat and a cup of beer to you, good chap.


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