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Let’s Talk About Peer Reviews

Part of being in the arts is that your stuff will get reviewed. There is no way around this fact. There will be people who love your work, downright hate it or give an overwhelming “meh.” Or, as some people a little too sensitive about their work would say “haters” and “fans.” But then there’s the other type of people. These are your fellow writers/artists. The term for these people […]

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Let’s Talk About Reading War and Peace

War and Peace is considered one of the greatest pieces of fiction that came out of the 19th century. It is also one the longest pieces of literature that came out of the 19th century. There have been a ton of jokes about War and Peace’s length, especially from Charles Schulz in his Peanuts comic. Who can forget Snoopy saying he’s only on the first page for a week and […]

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Let’s Talk About A Christmas Carol

“And so, as Tiny Tim observed, God Bless Us, Every One!” And with that one line, a classic was born. Not mention the modern notion of Christmas. You see, Christmas was pretty different before this book came out. Hell, the US downright banned anyone celebrating it due to it being mostly a drunken wild party. As pointed out by The Victorian Web Dickens was “the man who invented Christmas.” Practically […]

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Let’s Talk About Thanksgiving Fiction

If there’s one thing that we have a total lack of it’s any type of fiction about Thanksgiving. Oh, there’s plenty of stuff on the first Thanksgiving and plenty of shows that take place on Thanksgiving (with plenty of “hilarity”) but not about Thanksgiving. The reason for the only form of Thanksgiving being hilarity at the dinner table is because, unlike Christmas or Halloween, this is based on an historical […]

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Let’s Talk About V for Vendetta

My fellow Americans, Today we have voted in a very democratic election that would greatly alter this country’s future. Now, look at the date. Today’s the 4th and tomorrow’s the fifth, right? You know what means, right? No? Well, let me remind you: “Remember remember the fifth of November Gunpowder, treason and plot. I see no reason why gunpowder, treason Should ever be forgot” That’s right, Guy Fawkes Day is […]

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Let’s Talk About Manga

Ah, manga. Or Japanese comics or whatever you want to call them. Love them or hate them, they have taken the West by storm in the late nineties and there seems like there’s no stopping them. This just begs one question: Why do so many people love manga? Most people will dismiss manga as just some fad Japanophiles (or “weeaboos” as some people call them) love because it’s Japanese. Let’s […]

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Let’s Talk About Dystopias

New series idea: Let’s Talk About… This series, as with my previous post about shlock, will talk about certain topics that deserve serious discussion. The topics will be totally random. This time around, since The Giver is coming out this Friday (expect a rant video if the movie is as bad as it looks) we’ll talk about dystopias. Dystopian societies aren’t anything new. One of the first dystopian novels is […]

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