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Let’s Talk About Thanksgiving Fiction

If there’s one thing that we have a total lack of it’s any type of fiction about Thanksgiving. Oh, there’s plenty of stuff on the first Thanksgiving and plenty of shows that take place on Thanksgiving (with plenty of “hilarity”) but not about Thanksgiving.

The reason for the only form of Thanksgiving being hilarity at the dinner table is because, unlike Christmas or Halloween, this is based on an historical event. Not to mention very little is known about the first thanksgiving. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a ton of historical fiction out there with varying degrees of quality. It’s just that the first Thanksgiving is about as interesting as watching paint dry.

Yes, I said it. That story may be about finding a new way of life in a new world, but the details are just so boring and reek of something you hear from a droning history teacher. I just answered my own question, huh?

That doesn’t mean there aren’t any good Thanksgiving stories out there. Look at A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. It’s been aired on TV since 1973 because not only is it Peanuts but IT’S FUNNY AS HELL AND WELL WRITTEN! Yes, Nostalgia Critic, Peanuts cartoons are well written. That is why so many people watch this special every year without fail. And guess what? It gets better every single time you see it and no it’s not because of all that turkey in your stomach.

The only other Thanksgiving story that’s worth mentioning is Tobias Turkey. For those of you who don’t know, this is a story about a turkey who is determined to be the best turkey on the farm. So he tries everything to make himself be the best turkey on the farm. It’s actually pretty clever when you read it. Better yet, if you’re in NY in November you can go to the Shadow Box Theater and watch a puppet show about it. I remember seeing it when I was ten and enjoying it. Haven’t touched the book in decades but for some strange reason it came back to me a few days ago.

So with that, there needs to be more Thanksgiving stories that are clever and not have to do with the first Thanksgiving. What we have how is pretty mediocre and that needs to stop. Beyond that, happy Thanksgiving all. Make sure you spend it with family and not out buying useless crap you can get for the same price in February.


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