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Ash VS Evil Dead Series Review

The Evil Dead movies have had a cult following for decades. That following got even bigger when Starz announced that it would make a sequel series that takes place thirty years after the movies called Ash VS Evil Dead. There were even giant posters and an interactive attraction at New York Comic Con (it was amazing.) There were three seasons made and each had their own different layers of quality.

The first season is the best one. Ash gets high and drunk with some random woman in his trailer home (typical) when he mistakingly reads from the Book of the Dead. So now Deadites are attacking his town and he has to fix things (again.)

Here we get three new characters. Pablo, Ash’s coworker at the ValueStop, Kelly, a trainee at ValueStop and Ruby, one of the dark ones who is trying to kill Ash. Every single character seems to be having fun making this show and the show itself is fun as hell. It has that Army of Darkness feel with just the right touch of comedy with some gore and horror thrown in.

Season two, while not as good as the first, is still entertaining. Ash is summoned back to his hometown to fight off Deadites and reunite with his dad. While we didn’t ask for it, it is nice to see Ash reunite with his dad. It’s also great to see how the people in Ash’s hometown hate and fear him.

Season three not only sees the series jump the shark, but it also backs up, shoots the shark, rapes it and then blows it up. Ash now has a daughter that he has to protect from Deadites. That’s all you need to know. She’s not interested in the least. Also, Pablo is now a Brujo (witch.) While it makes sense story-wise and it is the logical path for the character, it’s played way too much to the point where the Evil Dead lore is forgotten.

So, Ash VS Evil Dead was a great series that died mercifully in the third season. Watch the first two seasons if you want to have fun and then watch the third to see how it all went wrong. Bruce Campbell is still El Jefe no matter what he’s in.

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