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Let’s Talk About Scarred Lands: Termana

Many years back I was in a campaign that took place in Termana. I’ve never heard of that campaign setting before and, since one of the classes the DM allowed was the Shaman from The Shaman’s Handbook (Green Ronin Press) I jumped at playing the shaman in that world. Man, was I in for a world that’s hell on earth. Termana is the southern continent in a world called Scarn […]

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Why Arcana Evolved is Awesome

I’m doing a little something different here. I joined a project where we were supposed to write why we like a certain table top RPG. I decided to write about Monte Cook’s Arcana Evolved. Here’s that post: In the decades since Gary Gygax brought Dungeons and Dragons into this world, there have been a ton of fans and other companies coming up with their own games. Of course, the most […]

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