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Let’s Talk About Scarred Lands: Termana

Many years back I was in a campaign that took place in Termana. I’ve never heard of that campaign setting before and, since one of the classes the DM allowed was the Shaman from The Shaman’s Handbook (Green Ronin Press) I jumped at playing the shaman in that world. Man, was I in for a world that’s hell on earth.

Termana is the southern continent in a world called Scarn (the northern continent is called Ghelspad.) It has the typical humans, dwarves, elves, orc and the like, BUT the idea of good in this is practically nonexistent. Yes, there are good-aligned people of Termana but they’re exception. I mean, the dwarves in the this are friggin Nazis.

Yes, Nazi dwarves. They worship a lawful evil god called Chardun, The Slaver. They have an empire where they enslave, well, everyone, they think they’re a superior race and will kill anyone who dares enter their empire. When I played, they had siege towers like in the Lord of the Rings movies. Good thing we were on a beach that had caves where we could hide and sneak around because no way my rogue/monk could handle that.

My rogue/monk also worshipped Belsameth, the Slayer along with half the party members. What happened to my shaman from the Iron Sands Desert (a southern area that’s, well, a desert that is full of iron that the titan Golthagga threw out because his forge is believed to be once located here.) Well, he was turned into a zombie sea creature (don’t remember what it was) and the party turned him into fish paste.

For those wondering about the titans, there was once a huge war between the titans and gods of Termana that got so bloody it created the blood ocean which also leads to the BEST and most messed up thing about Termana:

THE BLOOD BAYOU! Welcome to the stuff of nightmares. As it says, it’s a bayou that was transformed after the titan war. It’s here that lurks the scariest place you’ll ever see in any Termana campaign: The Carnival of Shadows. Yup, a carnival full of evil carnies, evil clowns, a lich, a Kraken that can cast spells (!) and, the king of them all, the Jack of Tears.

Let’s talk about this fellow. His followers worship him as a god, he tells his followers to make people come to the carnival and he’s got some scary stats. All I can say is this guy can cast both divine and arcane spells as a standard action as an 18th level caster and has a ton of immunities. My campaign had to deal with his minions all the time. We even met him but didn’t fight him. Good thing because a bunch of 7th level characters would’ve gotten creamed by him.

I highly recommend using him as the BEG. If you know how to use evil clowns, this guy can be amazing.

There’s a ton of other stuff, but I just wanted to highlight the messed-up bits of the world. Want to destroy your players’ morale? Termana and the Jack of Tears are your best bet.

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