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Ice Nine Kills: The Silver Scream Album Review

If there’s one thing that’s lacking during Halloween is good Halloween songs. The majority of people only know about the Monster Mash, which gets pretty annoying quickly, and anything that has to do with Disney (Nightmare Before Christmas included.) Of course, the metal and punk bands have horror down. One of the more recent bands to create an entire album based on horror movies is Ice Nine Kills with their 2018 and most recent album The Silver Scream.

First the great things. The album starts off strong with The American Nightmare (A Nightmare on Elm Street.) It starts off with a 1950s PSA about the importance of sleep. Big props to INK for adding screams and the poem from the movies. The song has a ton of energy and is a song you’d see people moshing to.

Thank God It’s Friday (Friday the 13th) starts off with a camp sing-along about Camp Crystal Lake followed by a chee chee chee ha ha ha from the singer. Oh, and clips of Mrs Voorhees from the movies are heard in certain parts. Nice touch. The lyrics pretty much sum up why Jason came back and what happens in the movies. That may sound lame but it’s actually amazing.

Savages (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre) sounds like an anthem the characters from the movie would sing. Of course, most people will call this sound the “let’s sell this album to the mainstream with this harmless song.” It’s not a terrible song, but it won’t appease many.

The album ends with one of three songs that get airplay (the others are American Nightmare and Savages): IT Is the End (Stephen King’s IT.) It’s Pennywise the Clown singing, going back and forth between nice clown to “I’LL KILL YOU AND THEN EAT YOU WHOLE!” clown. He even sings to Georgie as the beginning with Georgie saying a few lines. It’s pure evil with a TON of energy and “we all float down here” repeated at the end. Best song on the album, hands down.

There are two “slow” songs: A Grave Mistake (The Crow) and Love Bites (An American Werewolf in London.) Both songs are, like the rest of the album, above-average. One positive thing you can say is that both songs are full of emotion with Love Bites being the better song.

With that, Ice Nine Kills brings a great album full of songs that are inspired by horror movies. While most of the songs are above-average, the awesome songs mentioned make this album worth listening to any time of year.

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