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Resident Evil 7 (PS4) Review

One of the longest-running and most famous survival horror video game franchises is Resident Evil. It had a formula that many people loved (and some people hated) and spawned movies, comics, novels and other merchandise. And then Capcom decided to reboot the gameplay with Resident Evil 4 and then go into a completely new direction that’s nothing like the original gameplay with today’s review Resident Evil 7. One day Ethan […]

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Kuon (PS2) Review

Japanese horror is a colorful genre. While it shares the same themes as western horror, it has its own flavor with its storytelling, monsters and ghosts. Now, put everything j-horror, set it during the 17th Century, make it into a video game and you get Kuon for the PS2 by From Software. Yes, the same From Software that’s famous for Dark Souls but I wouldn’t get my hopes up if […]

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Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Review

One of Konami’s most treasured video game franchises is Castlevania. Gamers have fond memories of these games from way back in the NES era. Then Konami decided that the best thing to do with the franchise is to make a bunch of pachinko machines and mobile games nobody wants (the Netflix series was good, though.) Koji Igarashi, a former Konami programmer and producer, decided to make a Kickstarter for a […]

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Home Sweet Home (PS4) Review

Have you noticed how a lot of horror games coming out today are first-person stealth games? Well, here’s another one for you by Thai developer Yggdrasil Group called Home Sweet Home. Tim awakens in a weird, dilapidated apartment building and needs to find a way out and find his wife Jane. What awaits him is a ghost girl armed with a box cutter and other monsters straight from Thai mythology. […]

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Walking Simulators: Should You bother Playing Them?

One of the newest video gaming genres is the walking simulator. It is exactly as it sounds: You just walk all over the game’s world clicking on things or going to a certain place and a cutscene starts. It’s basically a movie that you have to work to get the story. Yes, the gameplay is basically non-existent, which means the majority of gamers will just avoid them like plagues. So, […]

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Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward Review

If there’s one video game genre that’s about as obscure as they come it’s visual novels. For those who don’t know, visual novels are exactly what they say on the package: they are novels that have visual elements (character designs, backgrounds, voice acting, music, etc.) You need to be one crazy person to play this instead of a “real” video game or read a real book. I am one of […]

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Can Video Game Stories Be Considered Literary?

It’s a conundrum that has plagued mankind for over twenty-five years: can video game stories be classified in the same category as novels and movies? The earliest game stories are nothing more than bad people are doing bad things and you must kill them with the occasional princess to save. Once RPGs (that’s Role Playing Games for you non-gamers) came along things got a lot more complicated. So, can these […]

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