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Resident Evil 7 (PS4) Review

One of the longest-running and most famous survival horror video game franchises is Resident Evil. It had a formula that many people loved (and some people hated) and spawned movies, comics, novels and other merchandise. And then Capcom decided to reboot the gameplay with Resident Evil 4 and then go into a completely new direction that’s nothing like the original gameplay with today’s review Resident Evil 7.

One day Ethan gets a mysterious video message from his wife Mia telling him not to come to look for her. He ignores the warning and goes after her in a Lousiana plantation that is overrun by the crazy, bloodthirsty Baker family. Now Ethan has to find Mia and get the hell out of the plantation before the Bakers kill both of them.

This plot is another genric horror game plot but as you progress through the game more is revealed on what’s going and man is it insane. How the Bakers became like that and why Mia is there in the first place is pretty out there.

So, the thing that’s different about this game than the previous Resident Evil games is that it’s a first-person shooter game. While Capcom tried to do this with Resident Evil Survivor, that game was basically the normal Resident Evil gameplay in first-person and it was garbage. Here, they went traditional FPS with the inventory system of Resident Evil and it works great. The controls are solid and changing weapons and using items is easy.

One of the well-known aspects of Resident Evil is the puzzles. They’re here, but they seem to be pretty obvious for the most part with some exemptions. This doesn’t distract from the gameplay because most of the time you’re running away from the Bakers. The Bakers themselves each have different types of ways to make you their hunting trophy and some of these include insects and bombs.

Of course, there are normal enemies and unlike the Bakers they’re boring. All of them are the same block moss monster that takes way too many headshots to kill and they crawl out of the wall whenever there’s a lot of that black moss/tar/whatever. I’d take another zombie than another black moss monster.

Graphically, the game looks great, The house is huge and has a lot of detail to it. The character models look nice and are almost lifelike. The Bakers in their monster forms will make you crap your pants the first time you see then. The only negative thing is those black enemies. No, I won’t stop hating on them because they’re the worst part of the game.

The voice acting is a lot better than previous Resident Evil games. It’s not OScer worthy but at least these actors know how to not sound like b-grade actors. Music is pretty rare in this game since the majority of the time you’re just hearing background noise which does make the game that more nerving. The game’s version of Go Tell Aunt Rhody is FUCKING CREEPY AS HELL AND AMAZING OH MY GOD CAPCOM YOU DID A GREAT JOB WITH THIS SONG DO MORE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!

You can even play this game in VR. Yes, VR is a gimmick and has always been a gimmick but playing this game in VR will make you crap your pants especially when one fo the Bakers sneak up on you. The only real problem with VR is that Ethan’s arms disappear and it’s not as smooth as if you’re playing the game regularly.

With that, Resident Evil 7 is one of the best Resident Evil games out now. It has great gameplay, graphics, story and a creepy house despite some setbacks. Capcom needs to make more Resident Evil games like this with a lot more improvements but for now, Resident Evil 7 is still a great game to play.

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