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The Giver Movie Trailer Rant

So the world finally gets a movie trailer for The Giver and my reaction to it is:




Seriously, this movie looks like it’ll be a spectacular failure. What in this trailer  makes me think that?

  1. It’s in color. I understand that keeping it in color was a design choice to appeal to the masses, but the whole point of everyone seeing in black and white was for the sameness motif.
  2. The injections. In the book the  emotion killing drugs were pills. Why did the film makers decide of injections? Was it to make the idea “edgy”? Wouldn’t be easier and cheaper to just buy a bunch of candies and call them pills?
  3. Rosemary. In the book we only see Rosemary once. In the movie it looks like we’ll see her multiple times. Oh, and she’s the Giver’s daughter. Doing that is unnecessary.
  4. What are they wearing? If everyone is supposed to be the same, why is everyone wearing unique clothes? In the book everyone wears the same grey tunic. That makes more sense than to have everyone wear different clothes.
  5. The all knowing elder. I thought the Giver was the only person who knows what’s going on. Why does the elder know about mind control and sameness WHEN SHE NEVER HAD THOSE MEMORIES?
  6. Hunger Games Syndrome. This movie looks way too much like The Hunger Games. Just because it’s the big thing now doesn’t mean you have to copy it. The Giver could be a success if it looks like its own thing. Why copy someone else? Oh, right. Money.
  7. Aliens? What’s with that alien looking spacecraft? I understand it’s supposed to be the future, but the book didn’t have those. They were F16s. Wouldn’t be easier and cheaper to have F16s instead of CGI spacecraft?
  8. Who’s Jonas? The  trailer makes it look like Jonas is a secondary character. Why would they do that when he the MAIN CHARACTER AND IN THE BOOK WE SEE IT FROM HIS POINT OF VIEW?

Of course, this movie can be good and trailers have lied in the past. I will see this movie and post a review one it’s released. If it’s good, expect a written review. If it sucks expect a rant video.



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