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Legally Correct Fairy Tales Review

Have you ever wanted to read classic fairy tales in legalese? No? Too bad, David Fisher did just that.

Legally Correct Comics takes classic fairy tales and writes them in either a legal document, a lawyer’s closing argument or as defendant testimony. This has to be the most original take on fairy tales I have ever seen. Jack and Jill suing the company that made the bucket they were using, Hansel and Gretel getting sued by the kingdom for murder and, now here’s the best part. the Big Bad Wolf is portrayed as a mob boss.

Hell, the absolute best story is the one about the Big Bad Wolf portrayed as a crime boss being questioned by a prosecutor. It is one of the funniest things you’ll ever read. They even have 911 recordings of when he blows the house down.

In fact, one of the weirdest stories in here is of an oak tree wanting custody of Pinocchio. Yes, the tree that Geppetto cut the wood to make Pinocchio is in a custody battle with Geppetto.

Of course, you need to remember that these stories are written in legalese, thus you will see plenty of legal jargon and dry courtroom speeches. It seems that Fisher knows a lot about how trials work because these do seem like actual court records. That’s part of the charm of these stories. Get used to reading lawyers giving closing arguments and showing evidence (yes.)
That seems to be the only real reason some people may not like this book. It gets knee deep in the legal jargon and if you’ve ever read legal documents they are boring. You just need to go into this with a certain mindset that says “this is just absurd court cases that are meant to be funny.” Once you go over that hurdle, this will be a quick read.

If there are any lawyers reading this, I just have to say David Fisher proved to me that lawyers actually do have a sense of humor. I’m not sorry for telling the joke, “what do you call three lawyers dying in a car accident? A good start” because you guys do sometimes come off as heartless vampires.

And I just lost my lawyer audience. Anyway, check this book out to see a different take of telling fairy tales.

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