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Freddy VS Jason Review

Ask anyone to name the most iconic 1980s horror icons and Freddy Kreuger and Jason Voorhees will be name-dropped a lot. For decades people wanted these two to be in a movie and in 2003 horror fans got their wish with Freddy VS Jason.

Freddy is getting weaker and needs more souls but can’t do it on his own. So he decides to resurrect and control Jason to kill in his stead.

Think about that plot for a minute. Freddy needs Jason to collect souls. Hey, guess they needed some reason to get these two together.

The movie itself is OK. It’s mostly Jason killing people while Freddy is pulling the strings. On top of that, people think it’s Freddy doing the killings so they try to figure out how to kill Freddy.

When the two finally meet near the end of the movie, it’s an amazing fight. At first it seems like Freddy is destroying Jason but then that whole “we need to kill Freddy” plot comes to fruition and the tables are turned. The fight shows off everything both monsters have shown before. Freddy using his mind control powers and illusions to trick Jason and Jason just brute-forcing everything.

The best thing about the fight is the color scheme. When we’re in the nightmare world it’s red and there are flames everywhere. When it’s in the real world, it’s blue. It’s obvious all the energy went into the fight and little went into the plot. Once you think about it, that’s the point. A movie about two slasher horror icons fighting is what people wanted, paid for and had to wait to see it. It that respect, the movie did a great job of it.

As far as who wins, they left it ambiguous. This was a great idea because if you pick a winner you will piss off fans of one franchise. Some may be upset about that ending, but once you think about why they did it tuns into a great ending.

Freddy VS Jason isn’t high art or a good movie in any sense of the word, but if you to see a great fight between two horror icons then this is the best you’ll get. You just have to slog threw a mediocre movie just to get to it.

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