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Evil Dead Trilogy Review

Groovy! That’s all you need to say (and “this is my BOOMSTICK!”) to get a cheer from people who’ve seen Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead movies. Hell, Ash Williams is friggen horror icon and it’s all due to how much this series changed and how well done it is.

The first movie is what we in the business call a low-budget independent film. It’s about a group of friends who decide to spend spring break in a cabin in the woods. They find a book called the Necronomicon Ex-Morti (the Book of the Dead) in the cellar which they mistakingly read and summon evil beings called Deadites.

Even with the shoestring budget, the first movie is scary as all hell. In fact, it’s probably the scariest movie out of the three. Not to mention that tree scene (you know the one) is still creepy in 2019.

The second movie is pretty much the same as the first, except with four new people and Ash spending most of the movie in the woods after the Deadites flung him into the woods. He does recover and continues to fight these baddies.

This is where the series, while still having plenty of creepy moments, starts gaining some comedy. Just look at the whole laughing objects scene. Ash tries to sit on a chair, it breaks and the deer head starts laughing. Soon, everything in the room starts laughing, even Ash. You can’t help but laugh at this scene (and the “DEAD BY DAWN!” scene.) It’s a great movie and even better than the first.

Then we get Army of Darkness. Oh boy, forget anything creepy, tho series has gone all-out comedy. This is where all the famous lines from the series come from (way too many to mention.) Don’t expect to get scared in this movie, but expect to laugh out loud (or think this is the stupidest movie you’ve ever seen in your life.) This is a movie you have to see ti believe because words can’t do it justice. Those skeletons looked fake even in 1992.

So yeah, grab your boomstick, strap on your chainsaw and watch these three movies that change from straight horror to comedy horror. With the right people and mindset, you’ll love all three movies.

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