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Let’s Talk About The Necronomicon

The book title Necronomicon not only conjures up visions of someone reading from a book of spells written in a foreign language used to summon demons, but it also conjured the many, many movies, books, TV shows, video games and comics that have some form of this book. In fact, this book has some crazy backstory to it.

This book is believed to have been written in Damascas by the “Mad Arab” Abdul Alhazred in the 8th Century. The book contains spells and descriptions on how to protect yourself from the Ancient Ones, spells to summon certain gods and what you need to say when you’re in front of certain mystical doors.

Apparently, the original tome was found by a publisher named LK Barnes in a New York City occult bookshop in 1973. He regrets ever having owned and published the book Apparently owning the book leads the owner to bad luck or worse. HP Lovecraft has denied the existence of the book for decades until Barnes found it.

Wanna see the original tome? Well, the publisher says that you can’t see it due to all the horrible things that can happen to any who dare own or even read from the book. Many have sought out the original but none have been able to get their hands on it.

It can be because this book is nothing but pure fiction. Yes, I said it. There are people who seriously believe there is a real Necronomicon and have spent their lives finding the original tome. In reality, it’s pure fiction. A book that goes well with the works of HP Lovecraft for the hardcore Cthulu fan. It’s nothing more than Avon Publishing making a quick buck because publishing is first and foremost a business.

Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s a terrible book. It’s interesting if you’re a Lovecraft fan. It’s also worth noting that you can use this to try to “summon” one of the beings in order to scare off your friends. Just get an accomplice to help you with the summoning. That’s what the Victorians did in their seances.

So yeah, the history of the Necronomicon is interesting and creepy, but it’s all a myth. Just get the book, read and don’t worry about summoning anything. I’ve had the book for a year now and Cthulhu still hasn’t eaten me alive.

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